Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fish Eyes

Bass: Use more natural patterns with muted glows in clear water. Move to louder patterns and brighter glows in stained water. In fall and spring bass do hit the louder colors and whites.
Walleye: Walleye see reds and oranges better than bass so these colors and glows work well.
Northern Pike: The Dare Devil is the best know lure for Pike. Accent the RED on lure with red glow paint Trout: Natural colors with glow and blacks with glow have been reported effective.

Time of Day
A lot of people think that glowing lures are best for night fishing and murky water. They ACTUALLY work even better in mid afternoon. Glowing lures are charged by ultraviolet light. On a bright sunny day, the sunlight is full of UV rays that charge these lures.

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