Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Carolina Rig for Fishing

How to Rig Take a length of line, 12-36 inches, and tie one end to the swivel the other end to your hook. This will be your leader line. (Some anglers suggest using a lighter test line for your leader than your main line, this way if you break off you should only lose your rig from the swivel down.) On your main line slip on the worm weight or egg sinker followed by a bead. (You can use rattle chambers that are made especially for Carolina rigging, in place of the bead. Ask for them at your favorite Sporting Goods store.) Next, tie the swivel on the leader line to your main line and your all set up. The hook point is usually left exposed. I rarely, if ever, use this rig in heavy cover. Tip: If your going to use this rig in a derby or tournament save valuable fishing time by rigging some of these up the night before. Tie them up from the swivel down. If you break off it will only be a matter of tying one knot.

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