Sunday, August 07, 2005

White Fish with Mustard Sauce Recipe

White Fish with Mustard Sauce
4 halibut or turbot steaks - about 1 in (2.5cm) thick
olive oil for brushing
salt and pepper
few sprigs fresh parsley
lemon slices to serve
Mustard Sauce
4 tbspns dijon mustard
1/2 pint (300ml) double cream
1/2 tspn sugar
1 tbspn lemon juice
Heat the grill to medium - season the the fish steaks with salt and pepper and brush with oil.
Grill for about 5 minutes or so each side - season and brush with oil when you turn them.
Meanwhile, make your mustard sauce by putting all the ingredients into a saucepan. Stir constantly while the mixture comes to the boil. It will thicken slightly and then remove it from the heat.
Taste and adjust seasoning if you wish.
Serve the fish steaks with the sauce over and lemon wedges.
Some new potatoes and plainly boiled broccoli and green beans would go well with this white fish recipe.

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