Sunday, September 18, 2005

Flat Head Catfish

Flathead catfish are predators. Live food only. If they've ever tasted a minnow they won't touch those vegetable pellets the farmer feeds them. Bullhead catfish are also good to eat, but they never get bigger than a pound and a half, so they're not economical to raise. Flathead and bullhead are perfectly good table fish taken from the wild.
Specially modified channel catfish with port side maintenance hatch to facilitate refitting and upgrades. Catfish are jam packed with sensory organs and superpowers -- animal world high-tech options that come as standard gear on catfish. They have venom cells in the skin covering the dorsal and pectoral spines. They see in color. The skin (fins, tail and all) is covered with taste buds vastly more tightly spaced than those on your own tongue. The barbels, those whisker structures that give the catfish its name, are more sensitive than a bloodhound's nose. Bass and trout hear from 40Hz to 10kHz. A catfish's hearing goes up to 13kHz. A catfish's lateral line is so sensitive to low frequencies that a pond full can recognize the footsteps of a farmer carrying a sack of catfish chow a hundred yards away and will rise to the surface in anticipation of being fed. At very close range a catfish can "see" grubs and larvae through mud and leaves by sensing the electrical fields generated by living things the way an electric eel does. All these things allow the catfish to thrive in water that would leave other species groping blind.

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