Thursday, October 20, 2005

Land Big Fish

Enter a state/province to start a search. You may narrow your search results by selecting a specific fish or adding a keyword. Over 2,453 fishing spots online.
Results will have detailed lake descriptions. Some may include: contour or depth maps, hatch charts, tournaments, articles and webcams. You can post fishing reports, fishing tips or reviews, and photos for every spot.
The mission of Land Big Fish is to create a community of fishing enthusiasts to share stories, exchange information, find hot spots and learn about technique.
The site will fulfill the fishing needs for every type of fisherman, from fresh water to salt water. The Land Big Fish community will put anglers in touch with other anglers and all the major fishing retailers.
Our business locators will provide anglers with thousands of fishing and outdoors businesses in North America. Anglers can purchase their fishing licenses online at Land Big Fish, and shop for all their tackle needs.

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