Monday, October 17, 2005

Winter Walleye Fishing

Another bait that's been around for a long time, and was a staple for ice fisherman for many years. This bait still works. PWT Pro Bobby Crow uses bladebaits for river walleyes during fall. He feels this is the best way trigger aggressive walleyes holding in deep channels. His fishes them vertically along the deep (18- to 24-foot) river channels with a snap jigging technique. The key is to freefall the bait while monitoring the line for strikes. These sonar style baits have extreme vibration, good flash, and a dancing fall. They also allow anglers to cover water quickly.
The common theme among these ice-fishing lures is flash and vibration. Many anglers consider them too aggressive for lethargic fall walleyes, but they're deadly effective. Walleyes often feed heavily in cooling water, and baits that attract attention often trigger strikes from fish that ignore finesse presentations.
So when you dig your ice fishing box out to prepare for the coming ice season, drop it in the boat for a trip or two on open water. You'll soon learn what some of the top PWT pros already know--some of the best ice fishing presentations also work wonders during fall.

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