Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tip Ups for Walleye

Experienced ice anglers usually use 15- to 20-pound braided dacron for backing, then attach monofilament or thin, wire leaders graced with just enough split shot to lower a hooked minnow to the desired depth.
The most popular walleye tip-up rig involves a strong, thin-diameter wire or monofilament leader, split shot and minnow-tipped hook. Experts have also learned that adding small, metal or plastic spinners to the leader and painting the hook with bright or glow colors adds fish-attracting color and flash. Colorful beads, bits of yarn, pork rind and plastic trailers offer similar benefits.
The popularity of wind-activated tip-ups and tip-downs has grown tremendously in recent years. Since such tip-ups are capable of jigging your bait, standard minnow rigs are effective because the additional movement draws attention and inspires strikes.
Since wind tip-ups such as the HT Windlass can be adjusted to move with varying motion, the use of grub-tipped jigs and minnow-rigged spoons has also caught on. Simply adjust the tip-up to your desired jigging action, lower the lure and wait for a flag.
Ice anglers are also realizing the benefit of using hole cover thermal tip-ups to reduce shafts of unnatural light from penetrating the hole. Tip-up hole covers home-made from cardboard, carpet or wood can be used, or you can purchase commercially produced models.

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