Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mississippi River Fishing

Mississippi River: Alton area -- River levels are good for fishing. All varieties of catfish -- blue, flathead and channel -- are excellent using cut shad or skip jack off the bank or in the channel; an 80-pounder was caught last week on skip jack. Crappie are good on minnows and rosies in the backwater area near cover. Bluegill are good on red wigglers, wax worms and crickets; fish are churning in the shallow water. Largemouth bass are good on jigs and starting to spawn. Some paddlefish are being caught at Alton Dam and Chain Of Rocks. Belleville, East St. Louis area -- Water levels are up with the recent rains with the normal stained color. Catfish are good with large green neon worms, nightcrawlers, chicken liver, cut shad and skip jack in the backwater areas. Bass are good on shiners and crank baits in the backwater areas. Crappie are good on minnows in ox-bows and backwater areas. Bluegill are good with crickets, wax worms and red wigglers in shallower backwater areas.
Newton Lake (Newton): Water is stained. Channel catfish are fair using chicken livers. Largemouth bass are excellent using plastic worms. Crappie and white bass are spotty.

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