Friday, September 22, 2006


Morning patterns were better this week as the moon phase is on the decrease.
Slow-moving top water baits saw action early mornings and when cloud cover was present. Poppers, such as Berkley's Frenzy Popper, Pop R and Chug Bug performed well when worked along the edge of grass.
Berkley's Jerk Shad and Flukes (both are soft plastics) also caught bass when twitched/fluttered over shallow grass. If bass are hitting the Jerk Shad while sinking, I use 10 & 12 pound Berkley Vanish (100% fluorocarbon).
If they want it on the surface, I tie on Big Game mono as Vanish absorbs water and sinks faster while mono stays on top better. I suggest watermelon-red and pearl as two great Jerk Shad colors.
Crankbaits are one of my 'bread and butter' choices in the fall and I use both a mid-diver (Frenzy Mid-Diver) and a deep diver (DD-22). Color suggestions for cranking include shad/pearl, blue/chartreuse and firetiger.
Target points and ridges as well as ledges that have either submerged grass, brush tops or both. Texas rigs have been very productive in recent trips. I am using Stanley Wedge Lizards, Berkley Power Lizards and Stanley Wedge Worms on deep structure from 12-25 feet. Schooling bass are also plentiful from sun-up to mid morning. ohtheblog

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