Friday, September 29, 2006

Atlantic tarpon fishing

OFFSHORE: The Atlantic will be fishable with forecasters calling for 2 to 3 feet. It'll be a hunting game for any weedlines, pallets and other floating debris for those looking for dolphin. When there's a lack of cover, most anything may hold dolphin.
Outside of the 42 dolphin to 15 pounds that came aboard the Ocean Obsession out of Canaveral a week ago today, it has been slow for the party-boaters.
There's been a noticeable absence of tripletail inshore around the buoys outside Canaveral. A lot of anglers are wondering why.
Boaters following the mullet along the beaches will have the best shot at the tarpon and big jacks, and maybe a big king mackerel. A few of the 4- to 5-pound Spanish mackerel have been seen within a few miles of the beach south of Canaveral.Florida tarpon fishing report.

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