Sunday, September 03, 2006

IOWA fishing report

Mississippi River Pools 9 to 15: Water levels have risen. Water temperature has dropped to 77 degrees and clarity is good. With the rise in water levels and the lowering of the temperature in the main channel, fishing will pick up. River stage on Monday morning was 5 feet at Bellevue.
Walleye fishing is fair to good in Pools 9 to 15. They are starting to move back into the wing dam and tailwater areas. Look for walleye fishing to improve as water temperatures cool further this fall.
White bass fishing continues to be good during the early morning and late evening hours in the upper areas of Pools 9 to 15. Watch for schools of white bass feeding on minnows near wing dams.
Largemouth bass fishing has been fair to good in Pools 9 to 15 using a variety of baits and lures including shad and crawfish imitating crankbaits, spinner-baits and soft plastics. Focus on areas with structure and some current-look for areas with rock riprap or woody structure or fish the wing dams. You might also try using weedless lures where there is a lot of vegetation.
Smallmouth bass are being caught in Pools 9 to 15. For some exciting smallmouth bass action, try using top-water baits on wing dams in the evening, shortly before dark. Smallmouth are found in swift current areas with rock. These areas are generally associated with main channel habitats including bank stabilization rock, day markers or wing dams.

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