Thursday, December 28, 2006

Use Long Poles

Use Long Poles To Reach The Sweet Spots
Crappie authority Sam Heaton has been using long poles since he was 4 years old. He started with canepoles and now fishes with the Sam Heaton signature series line of crappie poles that he designed for B'n'M.
Though the pole's tip must be limber enough to show subtle bites, its butt section must be strong enough to lift a slab crappie out of thick cover. A long handle that braces under your forearm reduces fatigue when fishing with a long pole, and it gives you extra leverage for hauling aboard a heavy crappie. Heaton favors a fixed reel seat and matches his rods with a medium-sized spinning reel, such as an Abu Garcia Cardinal 4. He claims that smaller reels cause too much line coiling.Read more fishing tips

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