Friday, March 16, 2007

rod and reel handle

The handle is what connects you with the rod and reel. It plays a major role in the control of your presentation and the fight when a fish is on. It's vital to choose a handle that is comfortable, fits your hand, and is easy for you to operate at any speed of retrieve. For lefties, like my wife, most of today's reels can convert from right to left-handed use by unscrewing the handle-tightening screw on one side, removing it and the handle, switching the sides and then reassembling. The handle and drag are your primary tools in controlling the fight with a fish. The handle is also one of the reel's most exposed parts when it comes to getting bumped around. Make sure the handle is strongly constructed, turns smoothly at any speed and feels right to you. Generally, machined and die-cast handles hold up best.

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