Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fish Virus Great Lakes

A virus that has killed tens of thousands of fish in the eastern Great Lakes appears headed for Lake Michigan, where wildlife experts fear it could threaten the sport-fishing industry.
Viral hemorrhagic septicemia, or VHS -- which causes anemia and hemorrhaging in infected fish -- was detected earlier this year in fish in an area of northern Lake Huron, about 20 miles from Lake Michigan.
The virus doesn't pose a health risk to humans, but concern about its potential affect on fish populations is "very high," said Gary Whelan, fish production manager at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
The Michigan DNR has temporarily stopped the production of walleyes, muskellunge and northern pike in inland state hatcheries because of concern that the virus could eventually jump inland. That agency is developing a long-term policy to address VHS

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KENNETH said...

Just when things were going so well! Lakes fishing is wonderful again and the fish are very healthy but here comes a new threat to deal with. Hope the limited resources of the various agencies can cope with this challenge!