Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tackle Box

An extra set of sunglasses, polarized of course, and a set of clip-on magnifying lenses to tie on the tiniest dry flies at dusk or join the thinnest tippets with just the perfect knots are often very useful. A thin, laminated booklet illustrating a couple of dozen popular knots is a big help in a small package, as is one of those tiny knot-tying tools. Fly fishermen really need to have access to a water thermometer, a line cleaning and floatant applicator kit and leather leader straightener to remove bends and kinks from any size leader.
No tackle box should be without a hook sharpener, a keen-edged filet knife, and if there’s room, one of those quick attach and detach Downeast rod holders. I usually transfer a compact set of binoculars from one tackle box to the other for impending trips. I like to watch game on the shoreline, eagles and osprey flying by, and of course keep track of other boats or wading anglers to see if they are catching fish regularly and if I should change locations.

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