Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trout fishing tips

Get a Department of Natural Resources map and see where the streams are. Maps are available at local DNR office and other places.
• Use line no heavier than 6-pound test (4-pound is better) and a ultra light, fast-action spinning rod 4 to 5 feet long.
Use short-shanked bronze hooks size 10 to 14, and have small splitshot to get the hook down. Bigger weights and hooks will reduce your effectiveness.
• Clean your reel beforehand to make sure line flows off smoothly.
• It's hard to beat nightcrawlers for bait fishing; worms are too small to cast easily. Hellgramites and water worms are good but harder to get in mid-summer.
• Spinners, jigs and other minnow imitators work well; buy gold for browns, silver for rainbows and copper for brookies.
• With nightcrawlers, hook half just once at either end and approach the pool quietly. Cast upstream and let the bait drift down without weight if possible; stay well hidden from the fish. If you disturb the pool, move on. Stay out of the water when fishing. If you want to release a fish that is hooked deep, cut the line; if it's bleeding, keep it.
Don't overdo size of hooks or weight, keep it simple and light.
• Fish early and fish late. You can catch trout in the middle of the day, but it's a lot harder. Trout fishing tips forum

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