Sunday, July 01, 2007

KINZUA DAM musky fishing

Certain watersheds in the state have a history of producing exceptional muskie fishing. The Allegheny River is one of these, including the 12,000-acre reservoir known as Kinzua Dam.
Various shiner species provide a good forage base for Kinzua’s muskies. The lake also contains redhorse and other suckers, soft-rayed fish that muskies relish.
The lower portion of the lake, including the Pennsylvania section of the main branch and the Kinzua arm, tends to be steep-sided with quickly breaking shorelines. Flats are present and will show up on a good lake map.
Muskie populations are not dense in any lake, and this is certainly true of Kinzua. The lake is slated for increased stocking by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, starting this year.
Though muskies are occasionally taken by casting, Kinzua is a trolling lake for most folks. By midsummer, the fish will likely be relating more to suspended baitfish than to physical structure. One of the best tips is to pick out an area and fish it well, rather than trying to fish the whole lake in one day.

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