Monday, September 17, 2007

Crappie fishing

Crappie time as autumn nears is not quite as good as the spring run, but still plenty exciting.
Crappies haven't been completely dormant enough to get skinny through the hot summer months. Some say they get thin enough to read through them
But cooling water puts them on the feed again and causes crappies to maraud for food. And though small, live minnows are the most accepted fare for both species, I have always pinned my bait hopes on live grasshopper or crickets. Of course, live minnows are good if taken legally.
There are several differences in the crappie tandem, but the surest method of separating them is counting the number of spines in the dorsal fin (on the back). The black will have seven or eight spines, and the white has six. A lot of anglers rest their identification on the color of the sides, but all crappies tend to be lighter in muddy or murky water. Fishing tips forum


Alex said...

Nice blog. Very helpful. Keep it up =)! said...

I've gone crappy fishing for years and never paid much attention to the number of spines on their back! Time to pull out the canoe a paddle and some tackle for crappy fishing so I can go see what kind of crappy I'm catching!