Monday, October 01, 2007

walleye fishing tips

"To crack the code on walleye in this part of the pond, start looking at the open water of Lake Erie like it is a much smaller lake. Find the depth the walleye are coming out of and duplicate it on the contour line using a good mapping chip like the Navionics Great Lakes East fishing chip. Skip along the contour line until you mark fish, but not bait.
"When you're fishing in deeper waters, don't overlook the top eight feet of water. Learn how to tune your sonar unit to allow you to see active fish feeding close to the surface, the aggressive walleye most likely to chase a lure." "To make lures and gear less visible to walleye, use fluorocarbon line for leaders when trolling and give your diving planers a paint job. Fluorocarbon line becomes invisible in water and catches wary walleye. Shiny silver or chrome Dipsy Diver diving planers sparkle in the sunlight. Paint them flat black so they won't frighten walleye."

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