Thursday, March 20, 2008

MUSKIE Fishing Tips

1. Start shallow and work your way out deeper. Muskies always seek out the warmest water in spring as will their forage (gizzard shad). I always key on the warmest part of the day to maximize my chances to catch them.
2. Watch your temperature gauge on your fishing electronics closely to pinpoint where the warmest water is in the lake. A three- to six-degree increase in surface temperature can make a huge difference between sluggish or active muskies.
3. Always use the figure-eight maneuver at the end of each and every cast, no exceptions. This will increase your annual catches alone by 10 to 20 percent. Good-quality polarized glasses are a must to see any following muskies properly.
4. Use slow-moving, "glider style" jerk baits and shallow running crankbaits. I like the Reef Hawg and Hell Hound jerk baits and Bucher Shallowraiders. Bucktail spinners and spinner baits will produce early-season muskies, too. You do not have to use small baits in spring, just fish a little slower.
5. Always sharpen your hooks, as they are never sharp enough out of the package. Use a flat file.Fishing Tips Forum

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