Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spider-rigging for crappie fishing

Choosing the right weight and style of sinker to get your minnow or artificial lure where the fish live is one of the fundamental challenges of crappie angling.
The variables involved in sinker selection are seemingly endless. You need to factor in the depth of the fish, the amount and type of cover, wind velocity, boat speed and more. Too much weight can spook the fish or put your presentation too deep. Too little weight may keep your presentation too high in the water column and make it too hard to cast your offering into the wind.
“Spider-rigging is unquestionably the hottest presentation tactic in crappie fishing, and heavy sinkers play a huge role in this multi-pole approach,
One of the most proficient “spidermen” in the country, Whitehead employs a mixture of lead sinkers and tungsten weights on his poles.
“Spider-rigging is a vertical approach, meaning it puts your lures straight down under the boat,”. “This method demands a heavy sinker in order to position your lure close to isolated pieces of cover and suspended crappie.”
In winter, spring and fall, most fishing poles are rigged with 1- and 2-ounce Xcalibur Tg sinkers. Crappie fishing tips.

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