Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bass fishing bait

Night Fishing Baits
In dim light, bass are unable to detect colors. Red, orange, yellow, and chartreuse all become shades of gray after dark. As twilight fades, blue is the last discernable color. Even though bass detect the presence of prey in their vicinity by vibrations and noise and use that to search for food, they are predominantly sight hunters. The lack of color doesn't seem to hinder night-stalking bass; they are much better equipped than humans at detecting shapes and movement. For that reason, select baits that help bass see the baits most clearly at night. For dark nights and shady areas, that means black or dark patterns that produce maximum contrast against the clay bottom or against a starlight surface. Carry some metallic (gold, nickel, and chrome) baits that can reflect the glints of dock lights and a full moon.

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