Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Bass Baits

With the right equipment you can use 14lb. test clear transparent mono line for a cranking rod, 17lb. test clear transparent mono line for just about everything else except for 20 and 25lb. test which you can use for your Jig & Pig combos, Carolina Rigs, and some Texas Rigged baits.
Now, here are some of the favorite TOP-WATER "Big Bass" baits that you can try.
1. A "full size" Zara Spook
2. A Buzz Bait
3. A "Soft" jerk bait
4. A Torpedo (Prop-Bait)
5. A large 6" Gitzit (or tube bait)
These other baits would be SUB-SURFACE "Big Bass" baits
1. A Jig & Pig combo (a jig can be used with several different types of trailers) my personal favorite trailers would be either a plastic pork chunk or a 4" twin tailed Hula Grub.
2. A Carolina Rig (rigging this rig properly is just as important as what type of bait you would use with it.) My 2 favorite baits I usually use with this rig would be a 6 inch Lizard and a 4" Gitzit (or tube bait)
3. A Texas Rigged twin tailed Hula Grub or a 4" plastic Crawl.
Sometimes you may not get as many strikes with these baits I mentioned as you would with different baits, but when you do it’s usually a more quality and "Bigger Bass."

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Bruce said...

I noticed that you didn't have plastic worms or senkos on your list. Up north I've caught nice 3-4 pounders on a plastic worm texas style. Now maybe that's not a lunker, but I would like to think that a big bass or two can be pulled using this bait. Thanks for the list though. I plan on trying a few suggestions.

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