Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fishing tips

Some simple bass fishing tips can include casting past schools of fish and then gently retrieving the lure as it passes over the fish. This methods will not startle the wish against casting the lure directly over the fish which will. You might want to practice some different types of casts; take the hooks and lures off and try some in the backyard or your living room. Use an underhand cast or sidearm cast to get past some cover in the lake; these will need some practice as well. Some of the best bass fishing tips should tell you how to practice these casts until you’re comfortable with them.

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Yung D said...

i also use this trick for fishing with bluegill. throw your lin over their heads with a bobber about one foot and a half off the hook and slowly reel it in with a worm, marshmallows, or a crickt on your hook. It works very well in certain spots, especially shady spots with trees over the opnd or whatever,.