Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bass fishing baits and lily pads

Don't forget about lily pads. Although these are not favorite areas for most fishermen because they take so long to fish, a buzzbait will make short work of a pad field. Throw that buzzbait right in the middle and rip it across the tops and in between the pads until you have cross-patterned the whole field of pads. If there is a bass within yards of the pad, it will bite your bait I promise.
The key to buzzin' lily pads is to not slow the bait down or let it drop under the surface. If you do, it will get hung up in the pad roots and your line will get tangled and rub against the edges of the pads, thus weakening the line.
Remember to keep your buzzbait in the water at all times. That's the key. A buzzbait is a reflex bait that will stir up the whole area you are fishing.

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