Sunday, November 23, 2008

Walleye fishing moon phase

The rise and set of both the sun and the moon each day cause walleye to be more active. This is especially true of the sun setting and moon rising at night.
Combining both the daily and monthly moon habits can be especially beneficial. Walleye are very active around the nightly moon rise during the full or new moon phases, in other words. So, anglers who fish for walleye in the early evening during the few days surrounding the full or new moon are more likely to bag some big walleye.
Keeping charts of how the sun and moon rising and setting and the monthly full and new moon affect fishing in a specific body of water can be useful to angler, too. Not every body of water in ever region is exactly alike. The walleye and other fish will be affected in slightly different ways, depending on where a person is fishing.
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