Monday, January 26, 2009

Watershed lakes for fishing

Watershed lakes are easy to pattern and offer excep­tional big bass potential. They’re the best bass fishing has to offer in a small package. These lakes vary in size, from less than five acres to 1,500 and more, but they contain the same array of struc­ture found in the major reser­voirs: submerged cover, humps, channel drops, points, vegetation and timber to name a few.
It’s important to pay atten­tion to the slightest change in depth. A two- to three-foot drop in a small wa­tershed lake with an otherwise slick bottom is a major struc­ture in that lake. Always re­late the size and amount of struc­ture to the size of the lake, and never overlook seemingly in­significant structure in these lakes.
Bill Dance Bass Fishing course

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