Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Western Basin_Ice fishing

Western Basin_Ice fishing for walleye in the western basin has continued to be good at times over the past week. Most of the activity has been in the Catawba and Bass Islands area. Success has varied from day to day, but some limits are being caught. Good ice was reported in the areas being fished, but anglers should still be extremely cautious of isolated areas of poor ice. Walleye fishing success has also been reported west of "A" can of the Camp Perry firing range; however, there are also some areas of dangerous ice between the mainland and "A" can. Check with local ice guides or tackle stores before heading out. Remember that shifting winds can cause large cracks to open up between sheets of ice. Currents below the ice can also eat away at the thickness of the ice and cause thin areas that aren't obvious from the surface.

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