Thursday, April 09, 2009

How to fish book Fishing Secrets

This is the complete guide that would have cut YEARS off my learning curve if I had read it when I first got started in this business. It’s called Introduction to Fishing and here’s just some of what’s inside…
• Fishing 101: The most common questions about fishing (the stuff that really frustrates beginners), such as "How to properly land a fish" and "How to handle snags" (pages 23-24)
• The three most common types of trolling and how to decide which is best for the type of fish you want to catch (pages 24-25)
• Freshwater species for fly-fishing including those most highly prized by experienced fishermen! (page 26)
• 12 locations that are known to be good fly-fishing spots so you can increase your chances of succeeding right away by fishing in one of them (page 26)
• How to select a good fly fishing rod and reel so you can work with your gear instead of fighting it (pages 27-31)
• Five techniques for tying great flies that will give you the best results out on the water (pages 36-38)
This Secret Fishing Guide,'Introduction To Fishing',Reveals All You Need To Know About Fishing! Learn How To Master Fresh Water, Salt Water, Even Fly-Fishing With This Incredible Ebook Crammed Full Of Tips,Tricks And Fishing Secrets Of The Pros.
Secret Fishing Guide!

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Pike Fishing said...

This book seems great. I must have this one.