Monday, July 06, 2009

Bill Dance spinnerbait fishing tip

One of my most productive techniques throughout the year involves the art of probing deep structure with a spinner­bait.
How do you go about catch­ing bass when they are deep? Your first thought would be a jig-and-pork combination, or maybe a plastic worm, grub or lizard rigged with a heavy sinker or possibly a jigging spoon or blade bait like a Sonar. Or per­haps a deep-div­ing crankbait. All of these lures are proven fish-catchers, but there are times when bass can become very se­lective and are not triggered by those of­ferings, but will aggres­sively attach a spinnerbait.
When fishing depths of 15 to 20 feet or deeper, my choice of spinnerbait is a Booyah, which is made of practically in­destructible titanium, of at least 3/4-ounce in weight. And if there is a current or if windy condi­tions exist, I’ll switch to a 1-ounce size for better feel and control. Heavier-sized baits also help keep the lure deep during the retrieve.Bill Dance Bass Fishing Course

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