Friday, July 03, 2009

Spinnerbaits for musky fishing

The spinnerbaits I use are ten inches long, have heavy double bucktails with single hooks, and large Colorado blades. These large lures are fished primarily in the top few feet of water. In addition to casting, they can be trolled at speeds of up to seven miles per hour as well.
When casting a spinnerbait I like a good bucktail rod that has lots of backbone and a soft tip for casting distance. As I cast I like to stop the lure just before it hits the water. This allows the lure to turn around and start heading back right away. Additionally, this will stop the lure from getting wrapped up or sinking down into the weeds. To keep the spinnerbait high in the water it is necessary to keep the rod tip up while reeling in the lure. As the lure gets closer the rod tip should be lowered so it is right above water level when the lure gets back to the boat. This permits a smooth transition into an L turn and a figure eight. If you keep the rod tip up too long the lure will come out of the water.

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