Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to make carp bait for fishing

Catch More And Bigger Carp With These Pole Bending Time Tested Fish Bait Recipes. Easy To Make Baits Offer Fun For The Whole Family. Carp Fishing Is Popular Around The World.Learn about a little known natural bait that could fill your stringer with fish. Even the old timers were surprised to learn about this
2) Easy to obtain ingredients. (Most can be found at your local store
3) Easy to follow fish bait recipes. You don’t have to be a chemist or a culinary genius to follow these recipes
4) Costs are very low. You can make most of these baits for pennies a pound you can bring an arsenal of baits to your next fishing outing
5) Can be made in minutes. (Some homemade fish bait can be made in a fraction of an hour and some can be made when you arrive at the fishing spot
6) Increase your chances of catching the winning fish at derbies and tournaments. Everyone will be using his or her store bought baits. While other’s bait will be a mish mash of smell and taste in the water, your homemade bait will stick out like a sore thumb to the fish.
7) Only the freshest ingredients are used.Everything is organic nothing to pollute the environment
8) There are 40 Carp Bait Formulas - That will keep you busy for a while.
Catch More And Bigger Carp!

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