Friday, December 11, 2009

catfish bait recipes from home make your own baits

Easy Bait Recipes Made From Household Ingredients Guaranteed To Catch Catfish.Will every bait be productive every time? No! But having multiple baits to throw at those cats practically guarantees you won’t go home empty handed.
Imagine how with just a few items from the grocery store you can make dozens of different baits!
With this book having multiple baits is a snap. Some can be prepared days weeks and even months in advance and kept until your ready to use them. Some can be made on the spot.
Will these baits really catch catfish? Yes, these catfish bait recipes were collected from seasoned catfishermen from all over the country. Each one is somebody’s favorite bait.
Does it work in all types of waters, ponds, lakes, rivers? Of course they do. The contributors have fished all types of waters with success.Guaranteed To Catch Catfish!

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