Monday, December 21, 2009

How to catch Walleye Fishing

Need A Proven Walleye Fishing Ebook? We've Taken Two Years Worth Of Our Magazine Articles And Merged Them Into One Walleye Catching Cannon! Includes Two Bonus Sections: Precision Leadcore Tactics And The Magic Formula. Written By A Tourney Champion."We didn't cover the reservoirs you speak of back when In-Fisherman came out with our walleye series books. Things have really changed and developed. I also want to thank you for rekindling some great memories from some of the lakes I use to fish that you speak of. You should see if Dave Scroppo can use any of your work. He's the Editor for Walleye In-Sider Magazine." Critical elements you need to know to catch walleyes in a tough lake or under tough conditions.
How to catch walleyes from shore if you don't have a boat.
Sneaky secrets and little known facts about some of the greatest jigging strokes of all time.
Secret tournament tactics for taking your walleye catches to the next level.
The first thing to look for on your lake map in each lake type.
Walleye Fishing Ebook!

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