Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Fly Fishing GuideBook

A Complete Step-By-Step Training Kit Filled With The Latest And Proven Fly Fishing Techniques!
The exciting history behind fly-fishing
* Surprising beginner tips, tricks and techniques
* What fly-fishing is all about
* The necessary equipment you need – from flies to rods and accessories
* How to tie your own fly (bonus video!)
* Types of casting and common problems to avoid
* The advantages and disadvantages of wet vs. dry fly-fishing
* The best time of day for fly-fishing – so you catch the most fish
* Fly-fishing techniques used specifically for boat or land casting
* The exhilarating practice of winter fly-fishing
* How to plan the perfect fly-fishing excursion
* The best fly-fishing locations – from coast to coast and abroad
Equipment, Fly Tying, Casting, flyfishing Tips, Tour of Fly Fishing Destinations.

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Boris Nelson said...

I have never been fly fishing, need to try it. Nice blog.

Thank You,
lure fishing