Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catch tuna fish

The fishing trips for my customers have produced more tuna in the past few months than I had caught in 2 years. This has enabled me to gather stories from happy fisherman to promote my business and gain more customers.
I'm surprised you're selling the book so cheaply, I would have paid 3 times the asking price! Perhaps my advice can help your business just as your advice has helped mineSince the first time I caught a yellowfin tuna as a young boy alongside my brother, I knew that tuna fishing would be something I'd be hooked on for the rest of my life! Not every 11 year old kid gets to see a 250kg yellowfin up close and personal, so you can imagine why it stuck in my head and made such a big impression.
What fishermen are calling the best tuna fishing guide ever written. Action packed with exciting stories and insider secrets from tuna fisherman and charter boat skippers. Aimed at everyday users to teach them how to find, attract and catch tuna!


Mary said...

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Carp Fishing said...

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