Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kayak equipment information

White water rafting offers a deluxe private riverside campground is nestled in a beautiful nature setting. Hot showers, spacious bathrooms, shaded riverside campsites, green grass, volleyball, horseshoe courts and more.
Location matters! Look across the South Fork of the American River at total wilderness, not someone’s house or another campground. Kayak enthusiasts are all wet and glad about it.

The kayak niche is becoming a very popular paddle sport.
For some, the joy lies in hurling down the rapids of a roaring river. For others, a kayak is meant to be used to float along scenic and beautiful coastline. For a third group, a kayak is a great platform to fish off of. Whatever your interest, following are articles on the kayak phenomenon.  Whitewater rafting Kayak


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