Friday, November 04, 2011

How to build a backyard fish pond

How to build a backyard fish pond for walleye and perch. Building a backyard fish pond is a big undertaking. Working on 2 fish ponds and here are some ideas to help get you started with a fish pond. These were not small ponds you need to have land the can accommodate a larger fish pond.
The first step is to make sure you have enough land for the fish pond. You should not put a fish pond in your back yard. These ponds were built to grow walleye and perch for eating. If you have a acre of land or more then you are in good shape for a pond. Next check with your local county or township to obtain the proper permits to dig a pond. Make sure there are no underground cables in the area.
Pick a location that has good drainage and the soil below the top soil should be made up of mostly clay dirt. You will need to hire a backhoe contractor that is experienced in digging a pond. A good idea to reduce costs is ask around at the local tops soil companies. We did that and they agreed to dig the fish pond at a greatly reduced cost if they could haul away the top soil.
Fish Pond

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Carp Fishing said...

Iceref, Thanks for your guiding post for making/digging fish pond.
Though I have the dissimalarity in kind of fish,I like the way of making pond.I was searching this kind of suggestion in internet to get prepared. However, I would like to digg pond for Carp Farming, Carp fishing etc. I like Cap fish most. I spend my leisure period in Carp fishing. So I am preparing myself for digging a pond for them.