Saturday, April 20, 2013

Walleye Fishing Books

The combination of underwater, overhead, and how-to photography makes it easier than ever to understand the basics of catching walleye. Even if the fish are hiding in the weeds or the weather isn't ideal, this book will improve your success on the water. For me, it is the enjoyment of the spring sun warming my face on a cold morning. It's the time shared with my father and brother on the water. It's the cold splash of water from a walleye as I release him back for another day. It's the feeling of excitement when the reel screams out a cry from a walleye. The exhilaration overtook me at a young age and keeps me traveling back to continue the quest each year. It has been 25 years since I began my journey. Today I feel the need to share those experiences with others standing along the shores of the Maumee River. Inside these pages you will find a lifetime of experience fishing walleye on the river,wisdom of the In-Fisherman staff as they explore every aspect of the walleye world.
Walleye Fishing Books and Tips

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