Monday, January 27, 2014

Fishing common experience in the Florida Keys

The state of Florida has reported the  fishing industry bring in more then five billion dollars a year which shows the a large percentage of the  fishing is responsible for filling up the hotels and businesses in the area. The tourist spend hundred of millions of dollars in fishing activities, and that doesn't include hotel stays, meals and souvenirs.
The outdoor activities the are in demand are fishing diving and boating cruises. There are also huge fishing tournaments that bring in fishermen from all over the world. There are many world records that have been caught in the Keys. Big game anglers have never seen such fertile and diverse fishing grounds. They promote the sports fishing industry in the Keys, and they use the tournaments to attract families to visit. there are female only fishing tournaments for sailfish, dolphin fish and other catches just for the girls. many big time fishermen will pay out up to a thousand dollars a day to catch a trophy fish. The larger vessels are ideal for groups of four to eight people corporate groups, families who want to fish in deeper waters. Captains provide the fishing license, bait, tackle and expertise. Anglers bring their own refreshments, sun block and seasickness medication.
Fishing the Florida Keyst

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