Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Striper Lake Powell Fishing

Adult stripers are deeper and can be found in the backs of the canyons where depth changes abruptly from deep water to a 30 feet plateau or bench. Best techniques are down rigger trolling, spooning or bait fishing.
Bass react to warming by moving up as well. They seek warm water to recharge their batteries. Smallmouth don’t even wake up until water temperature hits 57 degrees while largemouth get excited when temperature is 53 or better. Current temperatures mark the beginning of spring for both species. Calm afternoons are the best time to fish for bass, particularly in shallow coves with a south facing rock wall that collects as much heat from the sun as possible and transmits that warmth into the water. Again look for bass in colored water. Murky water warms more quickly than clear water. Bass will move to warm spots along the shore. Use the thermometer to find "hot spots". Then look for fast falling broken rock piles to key in on bass habitat. In the absence of brush rock structure and water color will guide you to bass country. Use the same strategy to find crappie. They will be found in open water between the muddy and green zones in the backs of canyons. Start fishing in 12-15 feet of murky water by blind casting or very slow trolling. Fishing is not yet fast but it is certainly worthwhile to be on the lake during a calm warm afternoon.

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