Friday, April 25, 2014

Musky Pewaukee Lake

2437 acres. Average length – 34 inches. 2012 population estimate – 0.35 adults per acre.
 Current regulation: 40 inch minimum length, daily bag limit of 1. Access information: There are two boat launches found on Pewaukee Lake;the county park launch on the west side and Smokey’s bait shop on the east side. Pewaukee Lake is home to the largest musky density in southeastern Wisconsin. Not only do the muskies in Pewaukee boast an average size of 34 inches, anglers annually catch a few fish over 50 inches. Abundant yellow
perch, black crappie and bluegills make up an excellent forage base for this thriving musky population. The DNR propagation program provides an excellent muskellunge  product that is stocked annually.

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