Monday, June 23, 2014

Bass can ambush bait fish

 Large mouth bass fishing is a great past time. Fishing is fun for the whole family. Many times bass will stay along the shore lines to feed. Largemouth bass will stay in the shallows in the spring. Here are some tips on catching bass along the shore.
  The first thing fishermen need to do is locate structure along the shore. You need to look for cover that the bass will use and it should be near a drop off.  Largemouth bass like to stay in the shade since they don't have any eye lids. Bass can ambush bait fish from cover. Look for trees the have falling into the water. Large mouth bass will hide along side the shady side of the tree. make sure to fish along ant rocks or gravel beds that are near the shore.
  A good idea is to get a map of the lake or river this will show you how deep the water is and if there are any old roads that have been covered over. You should fish the areas that have been filled in near the dam with rocks and gravel. large mouth bass will look for craw fish that hide in the rocks. Bass will follow bait fish into the cover along the shore lines. If you are fishing from a boat make sure to be quiet as you approach these shallow areas. large mouth bass are very sensitive to sound.
  Try and use baits that look like what the bass are feeding on. Spinner baits are good to use near falling trees. Make sure to tip them with some kind of worm. In the gravel areas jerk baits and artificial baits that resemble cray fish will produce bass. If you are fishing grass beds try using baits that look like frogs.  Texas rigged plastic worm works well near shore lines especially near a drop off. Your fishing gear shoud be a spinning or spincast rod and real with eight pound test line depending on the type of cover you are fishing for large mouth bass.
  Try different color combinations with your bait. The closer you come to what the bass are feeding on the better. Make sure to vary your retrieves. Try a slow retrieve and use a jerking stop and start to simulate a injured bait fish. There are many different combinations a fisherman can use to catch large mouth bass.

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