Friday, June 06, 2014

Beaver or the Bark and Oconomwoc Rivers fishing

Largemouth Bass  are in the full-on post spawn period. A few fish are still spawning, but not many. Topwaters (Pop R, Redfins and #11 Floating Rapalas) and crankbaits (Norman Baby N's, wiggle warts and rattletraps) are catching fish over open water areas, especially weed patches on the mid-depth flats in 6-12 feet of water. On the sunny afternoons, the fish have been tighter to cover in 3-8 feet of water and fishing around the docks and in the slop has been picking up. Plastics: Texas rigged lizards, tube jigs skirted grubs, and wacky worms are all catching fish, as always, if the bite is tough, try a jigworm. Live bait on slip sinker rigs are catching a few fish for anglers making solid drifts over productive areas. (Try: Okauchee, Oconomowoc, Pine, Kessus, Nagawicka, Moose, School Section, Pretty, Golden or Emily)

Smallmouth Bass fishing was still slow as fish finish their post-spawn pattern. Minnowbaits, like size 11 or 13 floating rapalas are actually a great way to catch these fish. Keep it simple, black and silver or chartruese and white are the best. If it warms up this weekend and the early part of next week, look for them on sand/rock transition areas and  target them with tubes, skirted grubs or twister tail grubs. (Try: Oconomowoc, Pine, Lac Labelle, Nagawicka, Pewaukee, Beaver or the Bark and Oconomwoc Rivers.)

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