Thursday, August 14, 2014

Norris fishing

Full pool is 1,020 feet. Lake level is just over 1,013 feet, down a couple of inches from last week. Water temperatures are near 81 degrees over most of the lake and the water is clear. Recent tournaments are taking less than 10 pounds to win. Smallmouth Bass: Improving. The bite did improve over the past week apparently thanks to the full moon Sunday night. Fish are being found late in the afternoon in shallow water with frogs, Zara Spooks and buzz baits over top of rock ledges and logs. The Lost Creek area has been productive. After dark, hair or rubber jigs in ¼ ounce with pork or Zoom chunks have been the most consistent producers. Carolina and Texas rigs and Colorado blade spinner baits are producing a few fish. 45 degree sloping banks fished down to 30 feet deep are good locations to try. Largemouth Bass: Fair. At night, Texas-rigged 10 inch worms are producing numerous fish in submerged wood. Shallow sloping banks and points with rock and wood in the shade are holding fish. Spooks, Pop-R's, buzz baits, Texas-rigs and jigs are finding fish. Crappie: Fair. Fish are 15-20 feet deep. Brush piles, bridge pilings and creek channels are holding fish especially on cloudy days. Tuffy minnows, mini-tube jigs, Trout Magnets, small crank-baits and Slider Grubs are catching fish. Striped Bass: Fair. Early morning catches have improved. Fish are 15-25 feet deep mid-channel and most are being caught on umbrella rigs or planer boards.

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