Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ice Fishing Book

I don’t have 100% success, but I’m damn close. Even the people I have taught have had incredible success. I recently went ice fishing with a good friend's wife, who had never even been out on the ice before. She caught seven pike on her very first ice fishing trip! So I know what I’m doing. What’s really going to help you, is why I can get this kind of success. That’s what this website is really about. Helping you to get the same success when ice fishing. Like I said earlier, Ice Fishing really started for me about 11 years ago when my Father-In-Law took me out to Moose pond (his favorite ice fishing spot in all of Maine). And this was real ice fishing, no heated shanty, just a hole, and two upside down buckets for our tired butts to sit on. We were out there for almost ten hours, but it seemed like seconds because the fish just seemed to leap out of the ice into his hands. My father-in-law just seemed to understand how the fish would think, and he whispered to me the secret…. “we don’t catch fish….they catch us.”. It was fantastic, my idea of fishing heaven, except for one thing. You see, as easy as my father-in-law made it look, it was still very difficult for me. The fish only seemed to be drawn to his line. He would laugh and just tease me. Ice Fishing Book!

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