Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Columbia River

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife has suspended daily catch limits for several species of fish on the Columbia River.
#The emergency suspension, enacted March 3, allows fishermen to catch bass, walleye and channel catfish without limit or minimum sizes from the mouth of the Columbia River to Chief Joseph Dam.
#Fisheries officials in Oregon previously enacted the rule for a stretch of the river it shares with Washington.
#State officials said the reason for deregulating bass, walleye and channel catfish fisheries is to increase harvest.
#According to Fish and Wildlife officials, the species are non-native and eat juvenile salmon and steelhead.
#The main goal of deregulating the fisheries for bass, walleye and channel catfish is to increase harvest of those non-native species, state warmwater fish manager Bruce Bolding said.
#In addition to deregulating Columbia River catch limits, the emergency rule applies to several tributaries.
#Those include Klickitat County’s Wind River, Drano Lake, White Salmon River, Klickitat River and Rock Creek

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