Thursday, August 25, 2016

Devils Lake

Walleye fishing has been good, Devils Lake Tourism reports in its latest update. Walleyes are beginning to move from shallow structure into deeper water, and anglers have reported catching fish in depths ranging from 22 feet to 44 feet of water with spinners and bottom bouncers. Use 1½-ounce bottom bouncers when fishing in less than 30 feet of water and 2-ounce bottom bouncers when fishing deeper than 30 feet. Ditches of sunken roads are good starting points, the report said, and color preferences vary by day. Fish have been hitting both live bait and soft plastics. Vertical jigging also has become more productive in recent days, a sign that fall is approaching. Focus on sunken rock piles and other submerged structure along with current areas near any of the bridges.

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