Friday, August 26, 2016

Pelee Island in Ontario waters

Walleye fishing has slowed a bit around the island area, but has been good still at times. Some good sized walleye are starting to show up on the shallow reef areas around Pelee Island in Ontario waters, and around the reefs North of Kelleys Island and around all of the Bass Islands. Open water walleye fishing should be picking up west of Rattlesnake over to Niagara Reef area and some of those reefs N of Davis Besse power plant also producing walleye in the 7-20 ft. depth range. I have not had a good eastern report in a few days so if you are heading East try the area off of Sawmill Creek down to Vermilion in close to shore anywhere from 20-32’ of water or out on the Sand bar N of Vermilion out to the weather buoy 17 miles north.

Bass fishing has been excellent in the harbors for largemouth. Talking to some tournament pros fishing a tournament over the weekend in Ohio waters most said the smallmouth fishing around the islands was tough, but the ones they found were nice big ones. Maybe it is because the water is so warm and during warm water periods, smallmouth prefer live bait such as crawfish and the pro anglers can only use artificial baits. Even as good of fishermen as they are, there is no substitute sometimes for the real thing. Soft shelled crawfish are the way to go right now if targeting smallmouth bass. Look for them on sharp drop offs and rough rocky bottom around the islands or reefs N of Davis Besse.

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