Monday, July 17, 2017

Black Hawk Lake:

Water temperature is 80 degrees. Bluegill - Fair: Pick up bluegill just about anywhere along the shoreline.The fish are averaging 7.5 inches. Use a small hair or tube jig with a small piece of crawler fished under a bobber off the floating fishing pier, the west stone pier, and the inlet bridge. Black Crappie - Fair: Crappies are mostly off shore now, but a few are being picked up by shore anglers along Ice House Point. Walleye - Fair:  Use leeches fished under a bobber and twisters near rock piles in late evening and early morning. The rock pile off of Cottonwood point has been producing fish. Largemouth Bass - Good: Catch largemouth all over the lake using the traditional bass lures. Fishing Ice House Point and the lake side of the inlet bridge has provided good bass action for many anglers. Channel Catfish - Fair: Use cut bait and stink bait fished on the bottom along shore. Try also in the marina and near the floating dock in Town Bay. Catch fish up to 25 inches long. 

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